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Floor Mopping


1. Service Offerings: At Squick Clean Co., we are dedicated to providing the Greater Vancouver area with quality, affordable cleaning services. Our team of professionals are fully trained and equipped to tackle any cleaning challenge, whether it be in a home, rental, or business space. We take pride in our attention to detail and always strive to exceed our clients' expectations. With our deep cleaning services, laundry, dusting, vacuuming, mopping, sanitizing of all surfaces, and window cleaning, we guarantee a spotless and healthy environment.

2. Booking: Booking a cleaning service has never been easier! Choose Squick Clean Co., and we’ll confirm your service request right away. You can book online, by phone, or via email at your convenience. Our experienced team will work with you to ensure you get the right service for your needs. Just provide us with details about your cleaning needs, including location, date, time, premises size, and any special requests, and we’ll take care of the rest!

3. CANCELLATION POLICY: We require clients’ to provide 24 hours’ notice before cancelling a scheduled service. In the event of a late cancellation, there will be charge of 50%. If the client fails to cancel and our team is already on site, the client will be responsible for paying the full amount for the service booked. We understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise, we will work with our clients to reschedule their services at a convenient time for both parties.


4. URGENT CLEANS: We require 24 hours’ notice to ensure that our staff is ready and available to book your service. In the event of an urgent clean, we have a team available on call to accommodate your request. An urgent fee of $100 will be charged for same-day service. We understand that urgent situations may arise, and we will do our best to accommodate our clients’s needs as much as possible.


5. Cleaning Team: As a reputable cleaning service, Squick Clean Co. is committed to providing our clients with a top-quality service. We understand that cleanliness is essential, whether you're in a residential or commercial space. That's why our team is composed of trained experts who are equipped with the right tools to get the job done right. Our goal is to give you peace of mind knowing that your space is in good hands with Squick Clean Co.


6. Quality Assurance: We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality cleaning services to our clients. Our team is composed of skilled professionals who are trained to meet our strict standards, so every client is satisfied with our services. We know that a clean environment can make a big difference, which is why we go the extra mile to ensure that every inch of your space is cleaned to your satisfaction. We conduct regular quality checks to maintain our high standards and welcome feedback from our clients to help us improve our services.


7. Liability: We take full responsibility for any damages, loss of property, or accidents that may occur during cleaning services. We are fully insured and bonded, including WorkSafe BC coverage for our employees. We request that our clients’ have home insurance, tenant insurance, or business insurance prior to booking our services. This ensures that our clients’ are fully protected in case of any unforeseen events. We prioritize the safety and security of our clients and their properties, and we take every measure to ensure that our services are provided with the highest level of professionalism and care.


8. Confidentiality: We understand the importance of privacy and confidentiality. We assure our clients that all personal and sensitive information shared with us will be kept confidential and not disclosed to any third party without their consent.


9. Payment: At our services, we require a valid card on file. Payment is due in full on the invoice date. Clients have a grace period of 3 days from the invoice date to settle the payment. Failure to remit payment within this timeframe will result in a payment reminder. Should payment not be received within 6 days, we reserve the right to charge the card on file. In cases where no card is on file and payment remains outstanding for 14 days beyond the due date, we retain the right to cancel all existing bookings, with full payment expected. Please refer to our late payment policy for potential late payment fees. In instances of non-payment, we may pursue legal action to recover the outstanding amount, with associated costs borne by the client.


10. Refund: In the event that a client is dissatisfied with our service, we are committed to addressing and resolving any issues or concerns that may arise. Please note that refunds are not provided for services that have already been rendered.


11. Late Payment Policy: A 20% interest fee will be added to your invoice and if payment is not received in 3 days from the day of notice an additional 3% will be charged every 30 days after. In the event of non-payment, the company reserves the right to take legal action to collect the outstanding amount, and the client will be liable for any associated cost. 


12. Changes to Policy: We reserve the right to update or modify this policy at any time without prior notice. Clients will be notified of any changes via email or through our website.

By booking our services, clients agree to abide by these policies and regulations.

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